Enter the gateway to the Himalayas and learn to teach Yoga at our school, where a dedicated team of 8 professional teachers is committed to sharing their knowledge of a time-honoured tradition.

Nada Yoga School, located in the world capital of Yoga, directly along the beautiful banks of the sacred Ganges river, provides 200-hour Residential Hatha Yoga, meditation and nada yoga teacher training courses registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA. Assisting our group of 8 teachers are expert guest lecturers, experienced yogis whose expertise is widely recognized. Our programs are designed to be suitable for students of all age groups, from beginners to advanced levels of yoga practice.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh, India


Our Team of Professional Yoga Teachers

Nada Yoga School is comprised of a dynamic, experienced team of professional yoga teachers, who have in-depth knowledge encompassing diverse fields of yoga, offering students an initiation (exploration) into full yogic knowledge.

Jivasu (Pradeep Kumar)

Jivasu’s (Pradeep Kumar) teachings are called as Naturality or Sahajta. Naturality is to ‘to live according to our nature’ and ‘walk our own path’. His teachings explore the fear of death (and life) and freedom from that fear …read more

Yogacharya Bhuwan Chandra

A native of the Greater Himalayas. With a Master degree in Yoga from the Uttranchal Sanskrit University. The founder of the Nad Yoga School, in Rishikesh. An active participant in yoga and Music Concerts, Seminars…read more

Yogacharya Mohan Panwar

Born in a Vedic family, Yogacharya Mohan Panwar began the path of yoga at the age of 15. He completed his P.G.D.Y from H.N B. Garhwal University and M.Sc. in yoga from Uttrakhand Open University. He is the master of… read more

Yogi Buddhi Prakash

Yogi Buddhi Prakash got his first experience of Samadhi at the age of 7. He had clear visions of a past life in the Himalayas. He completed his higher education from Agra University, obtaining a Master’s degree… read more

Why learn yoga in Rishikesh at Nada Yoga School?

W e are located in the center of world capital of yoga, Rishikesh, which is also well-known for its ashrams, spiritual energy and a place for attaining higher knowledge of yoga and meditation.
W e have the team of professional yoga teachers who have indepth knowledge of diverse fields of Yoga (asanas, philosophy, yoga anatomy, nada yoga, etc.), ayurveda and modern lifestyle.
W e have fully equipped yoga halls, which include all of the necessary equipment required for a complete and professional yoga practice;  Including yoga mats, cushions, wooden bricks, shatkarma props (neti pot, sutra, etc,.), smart screens for visual presentation, sound system, etc,.
I n addition to our core staff of professional yoga teachers, we invite experienced and renowned Yoga Teachers to broaden the students understanding.
S tudents are provided with a Internationally known Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion of the course.
D uring the course, we create family-like atmosphere, so that the students feel that they are at home.
S tudents get the opportunity to learn Indian Classical Music, kirtans and bhajans.
N aturally, we provide students with fully vegetarian, natural and healthy food, made in our own modern equipped kitchen. It is very necessary during the yoga course to eat healthy and natural food, to get the full benefit of the yoga practice.


What our students say

Agus Yulianto


The amount of knowledge that I have obtained at Nada Yoga School is life-changing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience of all teachers. So I grew an enormous amount intellectually, spiritually and emotionally over the four weeks. I appreciate its clarity, commitment and broad knowledge and experience. Once again, it is more than just an education, it was a life affirming experience. I highly recommend Nada Yoga School to anyone looking to receive 200-hours certification!

Kiran Yashpal


An amazingly comprehensive and complete course! under the highly accomplished Yogacharyas: Kamalji and Mohanji's guidance, the progression of yoga skills appear smooth and natural over time. Daily Pranayama and Shatkarma are energizing. Lessons in Physiology of Yoga made us aware of correct muscle and bone involvement in various asanas. This awareness is necessary for anyone practicing yoga. Ayurveda philosophy of knowing one's dosha helped me in getting to know my body. The lectures by Dr. Jivasu on Yoga philosophy and meditation were mesmerizing! I highly recommend this course if one is serious about learning Yoga and Meditation.

Branden Persy


The yoga teacher training course at Nada Yoga School was a wonderful way for me to explore and experience yoga, meditation, mantra and music. All the teachers were masters in their art and provided a great stage for the group to growing and of course, laugh! Beautifully nested in the himalayan foothills, this is an amazing place to practice yoga and meditation.