Explore your Natural Self – A Naturality Gathering

Swargashram, Rishikesh, India

For the first time in human history, a world culture is emerging and the world is becoming a global village. Old ways are questioned or rejected.  Many are searching for new paths. Naturality is a response to this yearning of the young world culture.  On the path of Naturality, everything can become a door understanding the fullness of life, including religion, spirituality, science, arts, business, politics, sports, and anything else. There are many continuously-evolving programs designed to act as guides to a space where individuals can fully realize, express, and celebrate themselves.

Naturality is an open, flexible, integrated and ever-evolving system of teachings that help us to understand the root cause of life’s problems as well as find the solutions within us. Guided by certain core learning and practices, individuals can begin the adventure of self-exploration. Naturality is a movement in which there are no gurus, no followers, and no to-do lists. There are only friends and facilitators who are themselves on a personal journey and walking their natural paths.

This gathering is one of the continuously evolving Naturality programs where many can gather, connect, experience and express themselves irrespective of their backgrounds and beliefs.

Throughout the program, the journey unfolds with intense talks, dialogues and Naturality practices on:

  • Fear – The core problem of humanity
  • Identity (Ego) – A necessity, and bondage
  • Natural Personality – Know our mind-body personality for healthy living
  • Natural Crisis – Dive into the darkness and the unknown
  • Natural Self – Discover the destiny where inner nature meets the outer nature
  • Expansive Mind – Experience of the Universe
  • Expansive Stillness – The nameless silence and stillness

Event Details:

Dates: March 27th – 31st, 2018

Venue: Nada Yoga School, Swargashrah, Rishikesh, India

Contact email: vatsala.natural@gmail.com

Website: www.naturalitypath.com