Kati Chakrasana (Waist Rotating Pose): How to Do It, Its Benefits, and Contraindications

Kati Chakrasana, also known as the Waist Rotating Pose, is a standing yoga pose that focuses on the rotation of the waist, offering a significant stretch to the entire spine, improving flexibility, and enhancing the mobility of the waist and hips.

How to Do Kati Chakrasana: Waist Rotating Pose)

  1. Starting Position: Stand erect with your feet slightly apart, about hip-width. Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder height, palms facing each other, a few inches apart.
  2. Initiating the Twist: Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, twist your waist to the right, swinging your arms to the right, with the right hand moving back and the left hand reaching forward towards the right.
  3. Looking Back: Turn your head to look over your right shoulder, aiming to see your right hand. Keep your feet firmly planted and your hips facing forward to isolate the twist in your waist.
  4. Returning to Center: Inhale as you come back to the center, bringing your arms in front of you again.
  5. Repeating on the Other Side: Exhale as you twist to the left, following the same motion in the opposite direction. Look over your left shoulder, trying to see your left hand.
  6. Repetition: Alternate twists to both sides for 8-10 rounds, gradually increasing the speed as you get more comfortable with the motion.

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana

  • Enhances Spinal Flexibility: Promotes flexibility in the spine and helps alleviate stiffness in the back and shoulders.
  • Stimulates Digestive Organs: The twisting motion massages the abdominal organs, improving digestion and helping to relieve mild digestive issues.
  • Improves Waist and Hip Mobility: Increases mobility in the waist and hips, aiding in the prevention of lower back pain.
  • Energizes the Body: The dynamic movement helps to awaken the body, making it a great pose to include in a morning yoga routine.
  • Reduces Stress: The rhythmic movement can help to reduce stress and calm the mind.


  • Spine Disorders: Those with spinal disorders or severe back pain should proceed with caution or avoid this pose.
  • Recent Abdominal Surgery: Individuals recovering from recent abdominal surgery should not perform this pose until fully healed.
  • Vertigo: People suffering from vertigo may find rapid twisting movements disorienting or uncomfortable.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women in their second and third trimesters should avoid deep twists or consult with a healthcare provider for appropriate modifications.

Modifications and Tips

  • Slow Movement: Start with slow twists to each side, gradually increasing speed only as comfortable.
  • Focus on Breath: Coordinate your movements with your breath, inhaling to the center, and exhaling on the twist, to enhance focus and relaxation.
  • Limit Range of Motion: If you have back issues, limit the range of motion during the twist to a comfortable range.


Kati Chakrasana is a simple yet effective yoga pose that offers numerous benefits, from enhancing spinal flexibility and digestion to improving waist and hip mobility. Its ease of practice makes it suitable for yogis of all levels, providing a quick and effective way to energize the body and calm the mind. As with any yoga practice, listen to your body’s signals and modify the pose as needed to ensure a safe and beneficial practice.

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