January 27, 2015

Does Brahmacharya mean celibacy?

Often in Yoga, Brahmacharya is equated with celibacy. Is there truth in this belief? The Sanskrit word Brahmacharya comes from ‘Brah’ meaning expansion (of consciousness) and Charya means to follow. The full meaning of Brahmacharya then, is to follow the path of Brahma or expansion of consciousness. There is no hint in that word of suppression of sex or celibacy. […]
April 6, 2015

Is Enlightenment a Natural Process?

Enlightenment is often described as an esoteric, mystical and supernatural process that cannot be explained in terms of nature, biology and science. Nature, biology and science are considered to be part of material existence, while enlightenment is thought of beyond material existence, reason and analysis. It is a common notion that biology and spirituality, as well as science and the […]
June 22, 2015

Importance of Science in Understanding the Yoga!

The timeless and infinite Truth remains the same, but its interpretation differs according to the time and culture. We constantly need to reinterpret the Truth to make it contemporary. In ancient times, Truth was described through the metaphors of the Earth and body (Earth religions). In the middle Ages it was expressed through the concept of God, angels, and deities […]